Assisted Living - an Aging-in-Place concept
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The Oaks At Lebanon Assisted LivingOregon is the first State to adopt a specific philosophy for assisted living. It states: Assisted living... is a program that promotes resident self-direction and participation in decisions that emphasize choice, dignity, privacy, individuality, independence and homelike surroundings. All Assisted Living Communities/Facilities in Oregon are licensed by the State of Oregon.

All individual apartments within the building/facility are fully self-contained where six or more seniors with disabilities may reside. The facility offers and coordinates a range of personal services. Staff is available on a 24-hour basis to meet each senior's specific care needs/ADL's (Activities of Daily Living), such as: personal hygiene, mobility, eating, dressing, toileting, and behavior management.

An Assisted Living facility offers both privacy and socialization. Most Assisted Living Facilities will offer Studio, One-bedroom and limitedMcLoughlin Place in Oregon City, Oregon Two-bedroom apartments. The agreed upon rent, plus additional costs for specific care are usually payable on a monthly basis. A 30-day notice is required prior to move-out. Some facilities are buy-ins with most of them offering continuous care into their own nursing homes within the same complex.

Most facilities have great hand-out folders/brochures which tell you what they offer within their "community". There is usually a base price for the apartment. Additional charges are by care levels or have a point system in place for care needs not covered under the base price. All facilities offer guided tours.